26 Apr 2022

Why we made the Composite Tooling Market Update

For the past few months, we’ve been gathering and compiling data about composite tooling suppliers in the United Kingdom.

The research we have collated includes staff datafinancial information, and the latest news. It’s sourced from Companies House, the manufacturers’ own websites, and their social media profiles (if applicable).  

You might have already seen us posting about the report on social media, or you may have received an email about it.

But whether in conversation with our clients, on social media, or in replies to our emails, one question always crops up: why?  

composite tooling ipad 2
Pages from the Composite Tooling Market Update (April 22)

Why are we publishing data that could potentially promote our competitors and introduce you to companies you may never have heard of?

We’ve not gone mad. Honest.

It's been a tough couple of years for our motorsport customers: Brexit; crowded supply chains; COVID-19. 

And we believe in creating value for our customers and the wider manufacturing community. That means giving you anything we can that is useful or interesting. That’s not just tooling – it’s also tips and advice.

For that reason, we thought providing an insight into our industry will help you when you’re selecting suppliers. We hope you find it useful – whether you end up buying from us, or someone else.

We also hope that by making this data available to everyone, we’re doing our part in making the manufacturing world more transparent and mutually beneficial.

So, if you’re…

  • looking for a new supplier,
  • supplementing your current supplier,
  • a supplier yourself,
  • or simply curious about the state of the market,

this update is for you.

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