03 Oct 2022

How Leisurebank improves our employees' work-life balance

Work-life balance is all the rage at the moment.

After 2 years of ‘new normal’, much of the workforce now expect flexibility as a default. Research by Envoy has found that, of UK workers returning to the office, over half would favour hybrid working. And more and more companies are beginning to listen.

And if, like me, you’re in an industry where work from home isn’t really an option for most employees, you might be wondering how you can also offer some of this flexibility to your own staff (without installing CNC milling machines in all their living rooms).

That’s where  our Leisurebank scheme comes in.

Leisurebank allows employees the option to have their overtime paid as standard, or to bank it in hourly blocks for use as time off.

Our team can block off up to sixteen ‘banked’ hours per holiday year, separate from their 25 days of annual leave.

So, say you work on my shop floor, and you’ve worked 5 hours of overtime this month. You can have those 5 hours paid as overtime, or you can bank them and request 5 hours off at any time you wish.

It affords users the flexibility to take additional time off, or not, and is particularly useful when accommodating ‘awkward’ flight times when holidaying abroad.

Of course, banked hours will be subject to a manager’s approval, like any time off requests. But the additional wiggle room outside of of annual leave can make a big difference to staff morale.

We include Leisurebank with every production vacancy we have. We'd never really considered that others might be interested in learning about it, but, recently, after posting a new job opening, a customer of ours approached us for some more information about Leisurebank, wondering if it could be introduced at his workplace.

So, if you’re interested in the scheme, please feel free to drop us an email for more information. We’ll send you a document over with the details of our scheme. And if you implement it in your business, we’d love to hear about it.